New to Todd & Co?

This page will give you all the information needed to understand our process and how you can make an order with us.

Click the button below to view our 2023 Catalog, and scroll down for an overview of the start-to-finish process, and to find out how you can get in touch.

2023 Catalog

Initial Orders

Here is our easy step-by-step guide to getting your first order in with us!

1: Check that you have a high quality PNG or JPEG image of the logo you would like on your clothing; we'll need this for digitising!

2: Have a look through our catalog to get an idea of the clothes you're interested in- this can make it a little easier to get a quote that's relevant to your needs.

3: Drop us an email including a copy of your logo and the garments you're interested in. Let us know here if you would like any HTV on the back or other extras.

4: We'll send you a quote, and you'll have an opportunity to make any alterations to your order (sizing, quantity etc!)

5: We'll get your logo digitised and order in your garments, before making them lovely and personalised and sending them home to you!

6: You'll receive an invoice via. email, and then a receipt once it's been paid, for your records.

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